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LED 1000™ QuickStart – Step 5

Custom Features and Settings

1. Grid Templates/Patterns

  • The LED 1000™ has 20 grid templates/patterns built into the device to simplify the process of composition, alignment, and scaling
  • Select “Grid” on the remote; press left or right arrows to select desired grid and grid color
  • based on the projected surface
  • The grids may be projected alone as a template to aid in alignment and as a guide when painting, drawing or lettering. The grids can also be superimposed over an image to aid in alignment and composing. Load image from digital source. Push the “Grid” button on remote to select or change grids and color.

2.  Keystone Control – The LED 1000 offers both manual and auto keystone adjustment.

The keystone effect is created when the projector or the projection surface are not at right angles to each other. The image becomes slanted or distorted either vertically or horizontally.

The LED 1000 features manual keystone buttons on the remote to adjust vertical keystone (Key.S p / Key.S p). Horizontal adjustment is adjusted by turning the projector left or right until the image is square.

When set to Auto Keystone adjustment (Settings – options), the vertical adjustment is corrected automatically if the projector is tilted vertically (not the projection surface)

3. Grayscale – Color images can be adjusted to grayscale to aid in tracing and/or to evaluate tonal values

  • In “USB” mode, select “Q.Menu” g “Set Video” g using the arrow keys on the remote,
  • scroll down to “Color”; adjust the color down to zero
  • All other devices – select “Settings” g “Options” using the arrow keys on the remote, scroll down to “Grayscale” and turn “on” or “off”


4. Rotating/Flipping Images – The LED 1000™ allows you to rotate and flip images to suit your artistic requirements

  • Rotating Images – USB Mode only – when previewing an image, push “OK” to reveal menu bar at bottom of image. Use g arrow key to select Circle arrow . Push the “OK” button to rotate image.
  • Flipping/reversing images – (If using USB, push “Exit”). Push “Settings”, select “Option” arrow to and select “PJT Mode”. If only two choices are available, reverse out of PJT mode and go to “Auto Keystone” and turn to “Off”. Return to PJT mode to reveal 4 choices.

5. Digitally Enlarging Photos – (USB mode only); images can be enlarged up to 200%
using a menu selection.

  • With an USB image projected, press “OK” button to reveal menu bar at bottom of image.  Arrow down to bar and select magnifying glass symbol, push “OK” and arrow to + sign and  push “OK” to enlarge image. Depending on image size the viewing window may be moved around the image using the arrow keys.

6. Picture Wizard II – Adjusts the settings of each input to desired picture quality and standards (Exit USB mode). Select “Settings” on the remote; scroll down to “Picture Wizard II” and follow  the on-screen instructions

7. Settings – The LED 1000 offers a full array of settings to adjust image appearance. Go to  “Settings” on the remote and review all the options and experiment with all the adjustments. Remember all adjustments can be reversed and the projector can be returned to factory  defaults at any time. Go to “Settings” “Picture” and arrow down to “Picture Reset” to return to picture factory settings. For a complete reset to original factory settings go to “Options” and select “Initial Setting” and “Yes”.

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LED 1000™ QuickStart – Step 4

Install Input Source

The LED 1000™ accepts input from a variety of digital sources including PC/Mac computers, smart phones, tablets, pads, HDMI devices and USB flash drives/card readers:

LED1000 - Inputs

1. USB Drive
Using the USB port is an easy and popular source of digital images. Transfer digital images from computer (JPEG) onto a USB flash drive or use the Included Card Reader if images are installed  onto a SD card (from camera). Plug either USB devices into either USB port on the back of projector.

  • Press “Input” button on remote.
  • Toggle (using arrows on remote) to USB Flash Memory selection (far left), push “OK” on remote.
  • Select from list or toggle to folder. Select item.

2. SD Card Reader (same as USB)
Insert SD memory card into multi-card reader; insert multi-card reader into USB port.

3. HDMI Devices (2 ports available)
Using included HDMI cable, the LED 1000™ can be connected to a PC, MAC, smart phone,  tablet/pad, HD receiver, DVD player, VCR or other external devices. If the device does not have a  HDMI port, an appropriate adapter may be purchased at an electronic supplier or use AV or Component connection.

  • If device is not immediately recognized, Press “Input” button on remote.
  • Toggle to HDMI1 or HDMI2 selection, push “OK” on remote.

4. Composite/Component Devices

5. Refer to manual for attaching Optical Audio and LAN devices.


LED 1000™ QuickStart Step Five…

LED 1000™ QuickStart – Step 3

Using Your LED 1000™

LED1000-on-tripod1. Mount LED 1000™ onto a tripod or a sturdy, hard platform near a power outlet (DO
NOT block vents on projector).

2. Connect power supply cord into the back of projector (AC in) and into nearby outlet.

3. Point LED 1000™ toward desired surface.

4. Press red power button on remote or lighted power button on top of projector.

5. Focus – Rotate lens focus ring.

6. Follow initial setup – Select language and internet settings (if available).

7. Attach digital source – See Step Four for further information.

8. Adjust image size by moving projector nearer or farther from projection surface and refocusing.


LED 1000™ QuickStart Step Four…

LED 1000™ QuickStart – Step 1

Review Package Contents:

Included accessories

1. LED 1000™ (PF80A) HD Digital Art Projector™

2. Remote control with two AAA batteries

3. Power cord 4. HDMI cable

5. Composite cable

6. Component cable

7. Multi-card USB card reader

8. Storage bag

9. Owner’s Manual (English)

10.  CD Manual (Please note that the CD manual  page numbers may vary from included printed manual)

LED 1000™ QuickStart Step Two…

LED500 Software Update

Update for the LED500 posted on June 18, 2014.  This update will resolve the blinking line issue seen when viewing still images.

Installation Instructions:

1.  Create a folder named “LG_DTV” on the root directory on a USB flash drive.  

2.  Download the file linked below into the “LG_DTV” folder.

3.  With the projector powered off, insert the USB flash drive into the projector.

4.  Power on the projector.

5.  When prompted, select “Start” on the dialog box.  The projector will restart when completed.  


6.  When restarted a dialog box should show the projector is updated to the current version 03.00.09


7.  Press “Exit” on the remote to dismiss the dialog box.  You may remove the USB flash drive and delete the “LG_DTV” folder and update file.

Right click here to download the LED500 software update.


LED500 Video Instruction Guides

Instructional videos for the Artograph LED500 Digital Art Projector.

This video shows how to unpack, check, and setup your LED500 projector for initial use. Includes:

  • Unpacking at :25
  • Included material at 1:10
  • Installing the battery in the remote at 2:00
  • Connecting power at 2:18
  • Connection types at 2:34
  • Powering up at 3:50
  • Focus at 4:05
  • Input selection at 4:15.

This video shows how to use the USB ZOOM function.

This video shows how to project your images in GRAYSCALE using either a USB connection source, or an RGB/VGA (at about 1:00 in) or other input source.

This video shows how to use GRIDS when using the USB connection on the LED500 Digital Art Projector. There are 19 different grid patterns, including the extremely useful Rule of Thirds.

MC 250™

(Discontinued – Limited Supply)

The ultimate projector for clarity and brightness, ideal for the professional or commercial artist, crafter or designer who demands the best in image quality. The superior quality lens of the MC 250™ allows you to enlarge artwork up to 15 times with incredible sharpness and detail. It is unsurpassed for enlarging photos, designs, patterns and detailed artwork onto walls, canvas, or any vertical surface. At only 7 pounds, this ultra compact model is easy to position and store, and doesn’t require much space for projection. A 10 times enlargement needs only 10 feet of projection range. Fan cooling also allows for long periods of projection. The top-loading 6 x 6 inch copy area with removable cover easily accommodates oversized artwork or 3D objects allowing for an almost endless list of applications. The MC 250 also features a 300-Watt halogen lamp for a whiter and brighter image (approx. life of 75 hours). Simple operation, too… Just plug it in, and adjust the focus by turning the threaded lens barrel for a precise image. Dark room required.

Product Highlights

  • Imported from Germany
  • Enlargement from 3 up to 15x the original size
  • Illumination: 300-Watt Halogen (included) for unsurpassed brightness (approx. life of 75 hours)
  • Top-loading 6 x 6 in (152.4 x 152.4 mm) glass copy area with removable cover to accommodate oversized originals
  • Ultra compact and lightweight for easy positioning
  • Lens: 280 mm precision-ground, threaded, 3-element color-corrected lens for astoundingly sharp and accurate images
  • Threaded lens barrel for precise focusing
  • Net Weight: 7 lbs. (3.17 kg)
  • Cooling fan and safety overload circuit keeps copy cooler

Available Accessories:

Mobile Projector Floor Stand

300-Watt Halogen Lamp

Artograph® Storage Bag

EZ Tracer®

PDF Info Product ManualsEZTracer-hero

This is the perfect young artist’s projector, newly redesigned for 2015. With an appealing new shape, and bright new graphics, the EZTracer® is poised to bring art and crafts creativity to the next generation of artists.



EZTracer-covergirl Simply place the projector on top of any art or copy and enlarge the image onto a wall or easel for tracing and coloring. Create murals, paintings, signs and banners faster and more accurately than ever. (Lamp not included)

 The EZTracer® easily enlarges any design or pattern from a 4 x 4 inch / 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm copy area onto a wall or easel from 2 to 10 times enlargement. Projected image can be easily traced and colored as desired. No set up necessary and simple to operate. UL approved. One year warranty.

Product Highlights…

  • Enlarges flat artwork or small 3-D objects from 2 up to 10 times onto any vertical surface.
  • Illumination: 23-watt compact fluorescent bulb (not included)
  • Easy to use
  • Horizontal projection onto any vertical surface.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Silent operation.
  • Ready when you are – no set up or assembly.
  • Copy size: 4 x 4 inch / 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm. Work in sections with larger designs and prints.
  • Lens: 163 mm optical glass
  • 1-year warranty





Tracer® Jr.

Tracer Jr ProjectorPDF Info Product ManualsThis compact projector is ideal for the beginning artist or crafter. Art and patterns can be enlarged up to 10 times onto a wall or easel for quick and easy tracing and viewing. Create murals, signs, paintings and more. Features an energy efficient fluorescent lamp (included). This 8000-hour lamp produces a bright white (1200 lumens) image with little heat and uses only 23-Watts of energy. No set-up necessary and simple to operate. Dark room required. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Product Highlights

  • Enlarges flat artwork and small 3-D objects up to 10 times the size of the original image
  • Illumination: 23-Watt Spiral Fluorescent Bulb (included/8000 hours)
  • Copy size: 3 x 3 in (76.2 x 76.2 mm). Work in sections with larger designs and prints
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Net Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
  • Lens: 200 mm optical glass
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Available Accessories:

Mobile Projector Floor Stand

23 Watt Spiral Fluorescent

Artograph® Storage Bag