If You Cant Make It Good, Make It Big!

If You Cant Make It Good, Make It Big!

“If you can’t make it good, make it big!” Words John Casey of Oakland, CA lives by when creating his distinctive pieces of art. He has taken on that motto and ran with it, now making a living off doing what he loves. John has been an artist all of his life, but has been infatuated with drawing distorted human figures ever since he could hold a Crayon.

Larger Than Life

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Floridian artist Judy Dempsey has been in love with, and influenced by, the creatures of the ocean her entire life. Since a young child she has known that she wanted to be an artist. Her passion is creating giant wall murals that are larger than life with help from her favorite artistic tool, the Artograph LED300 Digital Art Projector. Coupled with the LED300 and her innate skills, Judy is now able to work on expanding her artistic styles and techniques to new limits. She now has to spend less time transferring and correcting mistakes from her originals to her work surface and may spend more time designing and executing her drawings and painting them.

Judy’s love for painting sea creatures has given her the opportunity to create artwork across the country for many different people, from government entities to private households, even including a commissioned job for the popular TV show “Tanked” on the Animal Planet channel. Her latest giant ocean murals were created for, and are now a staple of, the Miami Seaquarium in Miami, FL. However, Judy is not limited to giant wall murals. She has created everything in between as you can see at her website http://www.judydempseyart.com/. Judy loves the LED300 and has exclaimed how it has helped her create artwork in a much timelier manner, saving her headaches and her client’s money!  For more information on the LED300 Digital art projector please visit www.artograph.com.

Beautiful Asia

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Steve wood has been an airbrush artist for just over 13 years, and has been a faithful Artograph AG100 projector user for just as long. Owner, operator and artist at his own airbrush shop, “Air Infinity Custom Paint” in Flint, MI, Steve has always had a passion for airbrushing realistic-looking portraits on to canvas, leather or wall murals but has more recently considered getting in to the custom airbrushed motorcycle and automobile market. This really opens the doors to painting anything with a motor (a custom riding lawnmower would be cool), but Steve has made his bread ‘n butter doing what he knows best, being a realistic airbrush portraitist. Steve’s current art goal is to become a top painter of automobile and motorcycle parts such as hoods, gas tanks, car panels and other motor vehicles.

No matter how Steve chooses to express his airbrushing talents, his trusty Artograph AG100 projector will always be beside him, ready to enlarge his personally shot pictures. In this particular instance, Steve airbrushed this piece called “Asia” on a 24 x 36 in. canvas using an Iwata Custom Micron SB Airbrush. Of course he used his reliable Artograph AG100 projector to achieve the guidelines and then he used his skills learned from several of his creative influences such as Hajime Sorayama, Boris Vallejo, Steve Driscoll and Olivia DeBernandis to fill in the rest of the picture with strokes and tones that create a beautiful, realistic looking picture.

Steve Wood’s work has been seen globally since it was featured in the magazine that is considered to be THE authority on airbrushing, “Airbrush Action.” People located in the U.S. can see Steve’s art featured in art shows such as “Art at the Art Market”, “Flint Farmer’s Market” and on his website www.airinfinityart.com.