LightPad A940 Makes Vintage Project a New Gift

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Check out how one Artograph customer used a LightPad A940 to make her Christmas gifts that can also be family heirlooms.

“I have a hard time buying for my family every Christmas because it seems everyone has enough stuff.  I always like to include something artistic and sentimental in my gifts to emphasize the importance of relationships at Christmas rather than material items. Also, a holiday project is a good way to keep my artistic skills in practice.

This fall I was at an antique store with a collection of 19th century early American style silhouettes that inspired a project using my Lightpad A940.  I wanted to make silhouettes of the children in my family for their parents and grandparents.  I took photos of my niece and nephews profiles.

I bought picture frames with mattes included.  Each frame had enough slots for each child in the family.  For my parents I bought one for all three grandchildren.  I went to a local art store and bought fade resistant black paper and selected vintage inspired patterned paper for the background.  I wanted the project to have a vintage feel with a retro edge.  Fade resistant black paper was not expensive, but important as I want these to stay up on the walls as the children get bigger.”

I printed the photos on my regular printer, but I sized the photos to fit the mattes in my varied frames.  I outlined the profile first on to heavier white paper using the light pad to make a stencil.  I then traced the stencil on to the black paper.  I cut the decorative paper to fit the frame.”


My family was very pleased.  Also, the kids were quite proud of their portraits.  I was asked my brother’s mother in law to make her a set.

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