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People have always took pleasure of drawing their favorite cartoon character, actress or symbol from a movie or TV show, but Steve Stanley has taken solace in the fact that he can compose all of his art very easily if he uses his sidekick, the DB400 opaque art projector to help him along the way.  Without the DB400 projector, Steve’s life would’ve have been a bit more difficult trying to produce this stunning image of a modern take on an aged action comic turned movie.

Along with the DB400 projector, Steve used a number of different tools to help him yield such a striking piece of art. A 2H pencil, colored pencils and airbrushed tube acrylics all mesh together and visually make the image pop out as if each character was about to jump out of the frame.

Steve’s illustration was designed and composed using stock photography from the movie Batman Forever. The photos were carefully composed and drawn as a smaller part of the grand scene of this composition art. Once composed, the smaller individual images were then transferred to a 15” x 20” piece of art board using the DB400 projector which, “Saved [Steve] an enormous amount of production time.”

Each individual character was lightly outlined by hand with the use of the DB400 in grayscale on to final piece and from there transparent airbrushed acrylics were freehand sprayed directly on top of the penciled art. The illustration was completed by tightening up the picture with colored pencils and tube acrylics. To contact Steve for any commissioned work, please see his website at

Broken Promises

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Hailing from the Northeastern part of the United States, Rich Milo has made a name for himself in the art world as an air and hand brusher and neo-realist painter. In this image, Rich has used a hand brush and an airbrush with Golden Acrylics to create what he has named “Broken Promises.” A piece that entails many different images becomes one cohesive picture in “Broken Promises.”

This very patriotic and American photo-real image encompasses everything from an iconic American eagle to a skull of Uncle Sam with a peace pipe hanging out of his mouth. All of his symbolism means certain things to different people, but you are allowed to make your own interpretation. Rich created this fine art with the use of his trusty Artograph Prism Projector he used to project his images he was using onto his under drawing on his 48” x 54” canvas and from there, filling in the rest with his creativity.

Rich has already purchased the LED300 Digital Art Projector and is currently using it on his next piece of work. The LED300 will greatly enhance Rich’s capabilities as an artist and he hopes that the LED300 will continue to help him improve as an artist. To contact Rich for any commissioned pieces or prints, please see rich’s art at