Discovery Of The New World

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Rich Milo is an enthusiastic artist that likes to tell stories through his artistic works, often combining different symbolic elements in to his artwork to tell a story of two dichotomies of old and new, dark and light and a mix of other things. In this artwork, “Discovery of the New World,” created with the Artograph Prism Projector, Rich used a number of different symbolic images to tie together “…the merging of two ages.” Realism has always been an influential form of art for Rich, and he wanted to reproduce images that he had seen in his day-to-day life but it was painstakingly difficult to do so without the help of a projector.

Never having to prove his drawing skills to anyone but himself, Rich decided to start taking pictures of the everyday things that he saw and cherished and brought home those images to transfer on to his substrates. In this case, the images were transferred on to a 30 x 37 inch canvas using acrylics to airbrush and hand-paint the magic. Since discovering the Prism Projector in the early 1990’s, Rich has been able to leave transferring images via gridding behind and simply use the Prism to project his entire image, making tracing a whole lot easier than before. Now Rich has just purchased the Artograph LED300 Digital Art Projector and as he exclaims, “Its possibilities seem endless and I believe it will open up an entire new dimension to my creativity.” Artograph feels Rich’s creative possibilities have always been limitless, but the new LED300 will only help. To see more of Rich Milo’s art, please visit his website at

Striving For Perfection

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Jim Hearn has never been the type of individual to let others tell him what he can and can’t do. He strives for perfection in everything he does and never lets anything stand in his way. Interested in learning different techniques and methods to intertwine in to his own style of art, Jim hit the books, going back to school after the age of 50. Only a year and a half in to creating art, Jim is still putting his techniques and skills to the test, with help from the Artograph LED200 Digital Art Projector.

This piece of Jim Hearn’s work takes after Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Jim Used the LED200 to project his image and define the outlines of the areas he was going to fill in with Lucas 1862 Oil Paint. Jim used an original image of “Starry Night,” found on the internet, but the image through the LED200 was so clear when he enlarged it, Jim said, “I found Van Gogh’s breathe still emitting from the pictures.” There were multiple master copies of “Starry Night” that Jim created before he settled on the one that made him happy.

Even though Jim creates all sorts of art, re-creating his icon Vincent Van Gogh’s work is one of his favorites. He said he will never try to be like Van Gogh, but builds on Van Gogh’s work using his own unique skills. Always looking for perfection, Jim has a ton of artwork out in the social media world that he would love to share with any and all who love art. You can check out some of Jim Hearn’s pieces on his Facebook page