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Artograph’s LED300 Digital Art Projector with LED Technology is Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Invented and manufactured by Luminus Devices, the PhlatLight technology used in the new
Artograph LED300 Digital Art Projector by LG Electronics brings all the benefits of solid state light
sources to projection systems without sacrifice on performance. This unique solid state lighting
technology was engineered specifically for projector applications that require high brightness and the
efficient harnessing of light from a small point source.


PhlatLight LEDs are one of the most reliable light sources in the world today. PhlatLight LEDs have
passed a rigorous suite of environmental and mechanical stress tests, including mechanical shock,
vibration, temperature cycling and humidity, and have been fully qualified by several companies for
mass production for use in even the most extreme high power and high current applications. Unlike
conventional LEDs, which emit into an epoxy-based encapsulate, PhlatLight LEDs emit directly into
air, resulting in significantly longer lifetimes. PhlatLight LEDs have very low failure rates and
median lifetimes that are well above 60,000 hours under extreme, high current operating conditions.

Environmental Benefits

The consumer electronics and general lighting industries are working diligently to reduce the impact
of their products on the environment. The use of PhlatLight LEDs will make for a better, greener
world by reducing power consumption and reducing the amount of hazardous waste entering the

Reduced Power Consumption

The PhlatLight LEDs use far less power than projectors illuminated by mercury-arc, high intensity
discharge, or halogen lamps. Their instant-start/re-start capability as well as dynamic dimming range
enables smarter power management and on-demand usage. Overall, they help to reduce air pollution
from carbon emissions.

Reduced Hazardous Waste

All PhlatLight products manufactured by Luminus are RoHS compliant and 100% free of hazardous
materials, including lead and mercury. High intensity mercury arc lamps used in video projection,
contain between 10 to 50mg of mercury. Typical projection lamps fade during their life and
eventually burn out, requiring replacement every 2,000 to 6,000 hours. When the lamps in these
products are replaced or the product is discarded at the end of its life, it must be discarded in an
environmentally safe manner to avoid contaminating the environment. With millions of projectors
sold each year and millions of lamps replaced, the use of PhlatLight in these products greatly
reduces hazardous waste and overall ownership costs.