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How Others Are Using Artograph Products

InFocus by Artograph
We LOVE seeing how you use your Artograph tools!

LightTracer IIHere are some bits of inspiration we’ve found around the Internet on how and why people are using Products For the Creative Mind from Artograph.

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Educational color and light play with the LightPad 950. Photo courtesy of Epic Childhood.

Educational color and light play with the LightPad 950. Photo courtesy of Epic Childhood.

From EPIC CHILDHOOD, reviewing the LightPad, LightTracers, and Revolutions in creative, educational play:

“First off I want to say that I love them all! The LED LightTracer is… great for tracing and drawing, very nice for light play. The LightPad Revolution is totally awesome, very unique, and totally impressive! …It is wonderful for tracing and drawing and can be very cool for light play! The LightPad 950 is THE BEST light pad / light panel you can find. This thing is the king of the hill, or the Cadillac of light pads…”


From JACQUARD PRODUCTS YouTube Channel, about using the LightPad for Jacquard’s New Marbling Kit:

Four new videos showing different techniques and artwork using the marbling kit and the Artograph LightPad are on Artograph’s YouTube channel under “LightPad Art done with Artograph LightPad.” Watch them all! The artist told us, of the LightPad and this wonderful artwork he created, “It is so awesome and makes my marbling look fabulous. We have been releasing a new marbling video each day this week using the light pad. They look great.” Thanks for sharing!


From PAPER AND INK ARTS BLOG, about using the LightPad for Calligraphy:

Diana Brown and the Amazing Artograph Lightpad: Diana found the lightpad to be one of her favorites as well. “…I love this tool, ” she says, “This Artograph Lightpad is a wonderful investment… saves time and frustration!!! I’m delighted with this purchase!”


From MAKING A NAME FOR MYSELF, by driftwith, using the LightPad 930:

I drew my first draft of the logo entirely by hand, then for each version after that, I used my light box to trace over the last, while making changes and tweaking it until I was satisfied.


From PICKING A LIGHT BOX FOR YOUR QUILTING STUDIO by Domestic Anarchy, using the LightPad 930:

Everything from very serviceable and simple models like the Artograph Glo Light Boxes to the big and beautiful Artograph – 17×24 Inch Light Pad . So from $22 to over $200 there is a price for every budget as they say!


From HERE’S WHY WE LOVE THE ARTOGRAPH LITE BOX by Quilting-Tidbits.com, using the LightTracer:

I find a lite box a must to own and it makes tracing all my designs really easy and quickly done within minutes. I use mine constantly especially for applique work and pattern transfers! Click To Get Your hands On The Light Tracer box!


From A STACK OF BOOKS AND A NEW TOY by Sew French, using the LightPad 930:

I studied them all, read all the reviews and finally decided on the Artograph Light Pad Light Box in the 12″ x 9″ size.  After finally deciding on this brand, I struggled deciding which size to order. I let reasoning take over and came to this decision based on most often using the printer, in conjunction with tracing, and with traditional sized printer paper size this would be a perfect fit. And it is. I love this thing!


From ARTOGRAPH LED300 DIGITAL ART PROJECTOR by Doug Hoppes, using the LED300 Digital Art Projector:

I found that I no longer have the issues of transferring details from my drawings or photos onto my canvas.  When I was using a light table, the canvas was a bit too thick and I would lose some information.  Definitely one of the better investments that I’ve made.

*We recently released the LED500 Digital Art Projector, which is very similar to the LED300 in features and functions, and is sold at the same price. -Artograph


15-Watt Fluorescent Lamp

Replacement 15-watt daylight fluorescent lamp for the Light Tracer® II, Animation, ArtSeries 11″ x 18″ and 16″ x 18″ light boxes. Rated for approximately 7500 hours of use.

Artograph promotes® the recycling of light bulbs used in our products. Please visit www.epa.gov for more information.

8-Watt Fluorescent Lamp

Replacement 8-watt daylight fluorescent lamp for the Light Tracer®, Light Tracer® Elite and ArtSeries 10″ x 12″ light boxes. Rated for approximately 7500 hours of use.

Artograph® promotes the recycling of light bulbs used in our products. Please visit www.epa.gov for more information.


LightTracer LogoLED LightTracer

The latest in a long line of quality products for the artist and crafter from Artograph…

Artograph is pleased to announce a new, improved edition of the popular LightTracer light box series, is now available.

LightTracerThe new LED LightTracer and LED LightTracer2 now shine with dazzlingly bright LEDs. With maintenance-free gradient illumination from 5000 to 14,000 lux across the slanted surface, these new LightTracers are the brightest light boxes available.

The LightTracers are entirely made in the USA, assembled in Artograph’s Delano, Minnesota factory, with parts made by other local Midwest companies. Not only is the quality higher than ever, but the products’ profile is ever more green and efficient. Even the cartons are locally made from 100% recycled materials.

The LightTracer light boxes are offered in two sizes:

LightTracer LED Light Box

Features a 10 x 12 inch (254 x 305 mm) conveniently slanted lighted surface and handy recessed tool tray to keep pencils, chalk, embossing stylus, and other tracing tools at your fingertips. Now illuminated by maintenance-free, cool, bright LEDs with a sleek new design.

Artograph is proud to bring this latest tool in our long line of successful Products for the Creative Mind® to the arts and crafts markets. The LED LightTracer light boxes are a stellar addition to the Artograph tradition of quality, reliability, and ever-greener products for the arts.

Original (fluorescent) LightTracer info and instructions:

PDF Info Product ManualsFeatures a 10 x 12 inch (254 x 304.8 mm) conveniently slanted tracing surface and handy recessed tool tray to keep pencils, chalk, embossing stylus, and other tracing tools at your fingertips. Illuminated by a long-life “daylight” 8-Watt fluorescent lamp (included). Uniform lighting prevents hot spots. Electrically operated product. Adult supervision is required. Ages 15 and up.

Product Highlights

  • 10 x 12 in (254 x 304.8 mm) acrylic work surface
  • Standard 12 in (304.8 mm), 8-Watt daylight fluorescent (included)
  • Lamp provides 7500 hours of use
  • Conveniently slanted for comfort
  • Handy tool tray
  • Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)
  • UL, CUL and CE approved
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What others say about the LightTracer® Light Box:

“Great sloped design. More comfortable than just plain flat!!”

“The size of this machine is perfect. Thank you very much!!”

“I have looked for this type product for a long time.”

“I always wanted a light table – I’m very happy with this one.”

“Learning to paint and draw, this is a great asset especially for the handicapped!”

Available Accessories:

8 Watt Fluorescent Lamp