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Whether you are looking for ways to easily organize your studio or need tools to increase your productivity, we offer practical and economical choices to suit all levels of artists.

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Perfect basic projector for crafters of all levels. Use to enlarge and transfer your designs, patterns and lettering onto fabric or just about any surface.

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Designer Projector
The economical choice for artists of all levels. Offers both reduction and enlargement with one reversible lens. Practical for scaling your high contrast photos, artwork and line drawings for landscapes, still life and more.

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Prism Projector
An excellent general purpose projector for projecting high contrast art, line drawings, sketches and photos for easy and accurate scaling with one reversible lens. Use for all your painting and drawing needs.

Super Prism
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Super Prism Projector
Professional's choice for projecting highly detailed art and photos. Includes 2 lenses: Super Lens is color-corrected for increased image and clarity and accuracy. Accessory Prism Lens adds reduction capabilities. Perfect for portraiture and all your projects that demand a bright sharp image.