Sales Information Package Zip Files

Sales and Marketing Resources ♦ Videos ♦ Return to Sales Contacts Click link and save file to download zip file. After the file is downloaded, on your local directory “extract all” to open the individual files and material. Flare150-Inspire1000_FLYERS-IMAGES LightPad PRO LED500 Art Cart Artograph Logos Designer DesignMaster LightPad LightPad Revolution PadPucks Prism Prism-Products SuperPrism […]

Dealer Resources

Online Dealer Image Database: Find a selection of high-resolution imagery for use in store, on ad materials, or on websites. Directions: To download the images for a specific category, just click on the corresponding link below. If your computer asks, make sure to save this file to your disk. Once the download has completed, navigate […]

Download Instructions

Download the instruction manuals and user guides for our products. FLARE150 and INSPIRE1000 Digital Art Projectors: Special Features Guide – PDF for printing Full Flare150 operations manual This is the instruction guide included on the CD-ROM with your projector. FLARE100, INSPIRE800, IMPRESSION1400 Art Projectors: Special Features Guide – PDF for printing FAQs and Tips #1: […]

Projector Comparison Guide

Art Projector Comparison & Selection Guide Model Copy Area Lighting 3-D Vertical Projection Range Horizontal Projection Range MC 250 6″ x 6″ 15 x 15 cm 300 watt Halogen Yes n/a 3x – 15x Super Prism® 7″ x 7″ 18 x 18 cm 500 watt Photo Lamp (220V units come with 2 each 250 watt […]

Projector Instruction Manuals

LED300 Manuals English – French – German – Italian – Dutch – Spanish LED300 Quick Start Guide (Eng) View the LED300 Quick Start Guide (French) Other Product Manuals (PDF) LED200 Instruction Manual (PDF) Digital Art Projector Tripod Instruction Manual (PDF) Super Prism® Instruction Manual (PDF) Prism™ Instruction Manual (PDF) Prism™ Table Stand Manual (PDF) Designer™ […]

Projector Frequently Asked Questions

General Projector Frequently Asked Questions Could I use my projector in a lighted room? Yes and no. For the clearest and brightest picture the projector should be used in a completely dark room. A reasonably clear picture can still be achieved in dim light, but virtually no picture can be seen in a fully lit […]

Horizontal & Vertical Art Projectors

Horizontal Art Projectors Horizontal art projectors are used exclusively for enlarging images onto a wall, canvas, and other vertical surfaces. They are most popular with home decorators, muralists, and fine artists. Horizontal projectors will save countless hours over the typical grid or measuring methods. The best horizontal projectors incorporate multi-element lenses, halogen or high output […]