Digital Projector Table Stand

Flare150 on the Artograph Digital Projector Table Stand

Flare150 on the Artograph Digital Projector Table Stand.

The new Digital Table Stand is custom-designed by Artograph to pair with the full line LED digital Art Projectors – the Flare150, Inspire1000, Impression1400, plus all older models.

The Digital Table Stand has a standard tripod screw mount which will work with Artograph digital projectors, plus most cameras. Included is a cell phone holder, to use your cell phone camera to transmit your image to Artograph projectors.

Added to Artograph’s tripod and dolly in your studio, this table stand gives full digital image adjustment ability in every situation you need.
Artograph Digital Projector Table Stand with bag and cell phone holder

  • Custom-made Table Stand to pair with Artograph Digital Art Projectors
  • Adjusts from 19 inches to 49 inches high above table with maximum capacity of 4.2 lbs.
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees, tilts to 90 degrees in any direction
  • Locks to table up to 2 inch thickness for precise image alignment
  • Has a standard tripod screw mount, and comes with a bonus cell phone holder

TableStand_with_Flare100 TableStand_with_cell-phone-holder TableStand_head-CU TableStand_clamped-to-table 3-TableStand_with-cell-phone-as-camera