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LED500 Video Instruction Guides

Instructional videos for the Artograph LED500 Digital Art Projector.

This video shows how to unpack, check, and setup your LED500 projector for initial use. Includes:

  • Unpacking at :25
  • Included material at 1:10
  • Installing the battery in the remote at 2:00
  • Connecting power at 2:18
  • Connection types at 2:34
  • Powering up at 3:50
  • Focus at 4:05
  • Input selection at 4:15.

This video shows how to use the USB ZOOM function.

This video shows how to project your images in GRAYSCALE using either a USB connection source, or an RGB/VGA (at about 1:00 in) or other input source.

This video shows how to use GRIDS when using the USB connection on the LED500 Digital Art Projector. There are 19 different grid patterns, including the extremely useful Rule of Thirds.

LightPad® 920

Brighter. Stronger. Smarter.

PDF Info Product ManualsLightPad_StraightThe LightPad’s® sleek, contemporary design makes it more user-friendly than ever. Advanced Super-Bright LED technology allows the LightPad® Series to shine brighter, run cooler and use less energy—providing up to 50,000 hours of maintenance free creative brilliance.

Product Highlights

  • 6″ x 9″ / 152mm x 229mm illuminated area
  • 8.6″ x 11.6″ x .7″ / 218mm x 295mm x 17.5mm total size
  • Super Bright LED lamps provides a perfect, evenly illuminated surface
  • Maintenance free LED lamps last up to 50,000 hours = 4 hours a day x 35 years
  • Durable and attractive extruded aluminum frame and chrome steel corners
  • Double layered illuminated surface for a firm work surface
  • Compact 5/8 in profile (15.87 mm)
  • Includes custom protective storage sleeve
  • Power supply: AC/DC Adapter 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz

LightPad® 920 Additional Accessories:

Other LightPad® Sizes Available:

LightPad® Series

Art Projectors, Light Boxes and Spray Booths

For over 60 years…

The quality shines through!
Art Projectors,

Light Boxes and Spray Booths from Artograph®

From the first art projector, assembled in a garage over 6 decades ago, to the state-of-the-art models precision-built today, Artograph has always strived to deliver easy-to-use, reliable products. Our products have changed over the years, but our commitment to workmanship and creativity is as strong as ever. From our art projectors, light boxes and spray booths to our Open Studio furniture line, everything is designed with the artist in mind. We look forward to the next half century as we continue to make the creative process more rewarding and productive for our customers.