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1520 Filter Pack (4 ea. mid-filter & poly-carb pads)

4 each mid-filter & poly-carb filter pads. The mid-filter is a non-woven air-laid polyester substrate with a green PVC binder on the exit side. Poly-carb filter is a carbon-impregnated polyester offering high odor and further particle-trapping efficiency. Note: Both filters should be replaced at the same time, approximately every three months with regular use or when replacing the Pre-Filter Roll.

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1520 Pre-Filter Roll (20″ x 50 yards)

accessory_pre-filter-roll-trayUnique roll mounted 100% polyester pre-filter that traps the bulk of the initial spray and provides a continuous clean work surface. To replace, simply pull down the soiled pre-filter and cut off with a pair of scissors. 20″ x 50 yards, 100% spun bonded continuous filament polyester. Provides approximately 90 surface sprays.

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