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How do I save image settings?

You can save GRIDS, GRAYSCALE, FLIP/REVERSE, and KEYSTONE settings by using the OPTION 2 menu from SETTINGS before you navigate to your image.


When you start your projector, press SETTINGS on the remote. Then select OPTION 2. Enter your custom settings and exit. Then navigate to your USB image. These settings will be saved even if you power off the projector.

The rotate and zoom settings do NOT save.

You can save very detailed custom image settings for color, contrast, grayscale, and edge details by using EXPERT 1 or EXPERT 2 in PICTURE MODE to set up your image settings.

Go to SETTINGS > PICTURE > PICTURE MODE before you open your image. Choose EXPERT 1 or EXPERT 2 and adjust your settings. They will save.

If you have a USB image open, press Q.MENU on your remote to set or open for playback EXPERT 1 and EXPERT 2 settings.

Use EXPERT 1 and EXPERT 2 to preset views you need for your artwork

You can set these up to cover various aspects of your image you wish to focus on or enhance during your creative process.

For example, set EXPERT 1 to a high contrast grayscale. Set EXPERT 2 to low contrast, high brightness, low sharpness to give you a sense of tonal shading.

Use the remote to alternate between them to see different aspects of your work as you create.

Resetting to default

If you get lost in the settings (and there are many options to adjust) and want to start over, look for PICTURE RESET on menus throughout.

When in the Q.MENU with USB images, Picture Reset is the blue button with four dots on it. You will be asked to confirm the reset, which will put the custom settings back to factory defaults.

Picture Reset only resets the picture mode you’re currently in.