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How to Assemble the Mobile Floor Stand


Mobile Floor Stand parts Parts List:

1 – Tube Assembly

2 – Y-Bracket Tray Assembly

3 – Tray

4 – Base

5, 6 – 5 casters (2 are locking casters)


  • 2 Locking Knobs
  • 4 Screws (2-#8×1/2)
  • 2 Spacers

You will need a #2 Phillips screwdriver (not included)

Mobile Floor Stand casters Flip the base over to insert the casters.Put the locking casters on spokes that are not side-by-side.

Turn over.

Mobile Floor Stand base assembly Insert the tube assembly into the base.

If it sticks going in, you can tap in by gently tapping on the top with a rubber mallet, or put a small piece of board over the top and tap with a hammer.

Mobile Floor Stand Y bracket assembly Insert the Y-bracket into the tube assembly.Align the holes on the Y-bracket with the holes on the tube assembly.

Use your screwdriver and 2 of the screws to secure the Y-bracket to the tube assembly. One screw on each side.

Mobile Floor Stand tray and Y bracket assembly Put a spacer on the round pegs on each side of the tray.

Slide Tray into the Y-bracket.The spaces go between the tray and the Y-bracket.

Mobile Floor Stand tray and Y bracket assembly Attach locking knobs to the screws and tighten.
Mobile Floor Stand locking collar and tube assembly Loosen locking collar on tube to adjust height from 3 feet to 4 1/2 feet.
Mobile Floor Stand how to tilt Loosen locking knobs on both side of the tray to adjust the angle up to 15 degrees.

Tighten knobs.

Tray rotates 360 degrees.