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How to resize an image for a digital Art Projector

There are several programs available that will resize an image. We suggest using Pixlr Editor, a free online photo editing tool. Open the below link in your web browser and follow the steps below.

  1. Click “Open Image from Computer.”
  2. Find the image file you would like to resize.
  3. Select the image file and click “Open” in the bottom right of the window.
  4. Click “Image” from the top menu and select “Image Size…”
  5. Make sure the “Constrain proportions” box is checked.
  6. Enter the width or height in pixels. (When “Constrain proportions” is checked, the other dimension will be calculated.)
  7. Click “File” from the top menu and select “Save…”
  8. Enter a new file name under “Name:” to prevent saving over the original.
  9. Under “Format:” select “JPEG.”
  10. Click “OK” and find the location you want to save the new image.