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My image off USB won’t project

With the Flare100, Inspire800, and Impression1400 your pictures need to be JPG images to work. Other formats won’t play.

The Flare150 and Inspire1000 add PNG and BMP to JPG as supported file types.

The projector will take quite high-resolution images, but sometimes a huge, progressive JPG can go over the projector’s capacity. In that case, you’ll need to resize your image down in a photo or graphics editing program.

Mac users

Mac and Apple devices put a file into your folders that is a temp file for your computer or device to read. You can’t see them but the projector does. These show up in the file directory looking something like this:


That line in front of the file name indicates it’s one of the temp files, not the real picture. Unfortunately, the projector puts all of these files at the top of the list you’ll see on the projector. Scroll down through these until you get to:


That’s the real image you need to select to display.