Artograph® Spray Booth Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to change the filters? … the hood?

Pre-filter: About every 90 surface sprays. (When the pre-filter roll is depleted.)

Filter Pak: About every 3 to 4 months. (Usually every two rolls of pre-filters.)

Activated Carbon Filter: about every 6 months to a year (Usually every two-filter paks.)

Replacement Hood: periodically or if it becomes damaged (More of a personal preference)

What kind of fans are used in your Spray Booth?

The 2025 Spray Booth has a backward-curved motorized impeller fan. This fan is also a thermally protected brushless AC fan.

The 1520 & 1530 Spray Booth have a boxer brushless AC fan that is also thermally protected.

Can I filter the over spray and odors out of doors?

Yes, the 2025 system has an accessory exhaust adapter that can be attached to the back of the booth. The 1530 and 1520 have built in exhaust adapters. The over spray and odors can then be filtered out by attaching a standard 4″ dryer hose to the exhaust adapter. (Recommended Maximum length of the dryer hose is 8 feet.)