LED 1000™ QuickStart – Step 3

Using Your LED 1000™

LED1000-on-tripod1. Mount LED 1000™ onto a tripod or a sturdy, hard platform near a power outlet (DO
NOT block vents on projector).

2. Connect power supply cord into the back of projector (AC in) and into nearby outlet.

3. Point LED 1000™ toward desired surface.

4. Press red power button on remote or lighted power button on top of projector.

5. Focus – Rotate lens focus ring.

6. Follow initial setup – Select language and internet settings (if available).

7. Attach digital source – See Step Four for further information.

8. Adjust image size by moving projector nearer or farther from projection surface and refocusing.


LED 1000™ QuickStart Step Four…