LED 1000™ QuickStart – Step 4

Install Input Source

The LED 1000™ accepts input from a variety of digital sources including PC/Mac computers, smart phones, tablets, pads, HDMI devices and USB flash drives/card readers:

LED1000 - Inputs

1. USB Drive
Using the USB port is an easy and popular source of digital images. Transfer digital images from computer (JPEG) onto a USB flash drive or use the Included Card Reader if images are installed  onto a SD card (from camera). Plug either USB devices into either USB port on the back of projector.

  • Press “Input” button on remote.
  • Toggle (using arrows on remote) to USB Flash Memory selection (far left), push “OK” on remote.
  • Select from list or toggle to folder. Select item.

2. SD Card Reader (same as USB)
Insert SD memory card into multi-card reader; insert multi-card reader into USB port.

3. HDMI Devices (2 ports available)
Using included HDMI cable, the LED 1000™ can be connected to a PC, MAC, smart phone,  tablet/pad, HD receiver, DVD player, VCR or other external devices. If the device does not have a  HDMI port, an appropriate adapter may be purchased at an electronic supplier or use AV or Component connection.

  • If device is not immediately recognized, Press “Input” button on remote.
  • Toggle to HDMI1 or HDMI2 selection, push “OK” on remote.

4. Composite/Component Devices

5. Refer to manual for attaching Optical Audio and LAN devices.


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