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Artograph® LightPad Series LED Art & Craft Light Boxes

Brighter. Stronger. Smarter.

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Available in four sizes:
• LightPad® A920 6” x 9” (152mm x 229mm)
• LightPad® A930 9” x 12” (229mm x 305mm)
• LightPad® A940 12” x 17” (305mm x 432mm)
• LightPad® A950 17” x 24” (432mm x 610mm)

Artograph® Digital Art Projector LED200

Brilliant, sharp digital images are able to be projected from virtually any source — computers, SD cards, digital cameras, and other digital sources. The maintenance-free 200 lumen LED lamp allows accurate image projection. Connectivity options include HDMI, RGB, Audio-In, Audio-Out, and a multi-card USB reader.

How to Use the Artograph® LED Digital Projector

The next generation of Artograph® Products!
LightPad® Series Light Boxes & Digital Art Projector LED200

We learn about Artograph's NEW LED based products the LightPad® Series and the Digital Art Projector LED200 during the 2010 NAMTA Trade Show.

Artograph at NAMTA 2009