Find an International Dealer

Located outside the United States or Canada? Please contact one of the importers listed below for purchasing information. If you do not see an importer listed in your country please email our International Department at for assistance.

Different countries have power that runs on different voltages, AC frequencies, and plugs. Be sure to purchase the correct voltage product for your location! A product designed for 110/120-volt input will not operate on 220/240-volt power and may cause irreparable damage to the product.

Our line of Digital Art Projectors, LED LightTracer, LightPad LX, and LightPad PRO series include a switching power supply that will operate on any voltage between 100-240V and 50-60 Hz without the need for a voltage transformer. These will work in different countries as long as you have the appropriate power cord with a plug for your location or a travel plug adapter that is rated for at least 5A (amps) or 600W (watts). Please read our knowledgebase article for instructions and more information.