A new review of Artograph products…

From EPIC CHILDHOOD, reviewing the LightPad, LightTracers, and Revolutions in creative, educational play:

“First off I want to say that I love them all! The LED LightTracer is… great for tracing and drawing, very nice for light play. The LightPad Revolution is totally awesome, very unique, and totally impressive! …It is wonderful for tracing and drawing and can be very cool for light play! The LightPad 950 is THE BEST light pad / light panel you can find. This thing is the king of the hill, or the Cadillac of light pads…”


Color and light play with the LightPad Revolution. Photo courtesy of Epic Childhood

Color and light play with the LightPad Revolution. Photo courtesy of Epic Childhood


From the first art projector, assembled in a Minnesota garage in 1947, to the LED LightPads and digital art projectors precision-built today, Artograph strives to make your artistic experience the best it can be.

Our Products for the Creative Mind® have changed over the years, but our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer service is as strong as ever.

Everyone at our employee-owned and operated company takes pride in producing the finest art projectors, light boxes, and spray booths available anywhere.

Everything is designed with you, the artist and crafter, in mind.

As we continue to make the creative process more rewarding and productive for you, we are also working to develop ever-greener, more energy-efficient products locally made in the USA.


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How much can you CREATE with the LightPad LED light box by Artograph?

People all over the world are creating amazing and innovative artwork using the LED LightPad by Artograph. We’ve gathered some which have been shared on YouTube in a playlist called: LightPad Art done with the Artograph LightPad