Discover the NEW
LED 1000HD Digital Art Projector
from Artograph®

From the first art projector, assembled in a Minnesota garage in 1947, to the LED LightPads and digital art projectors precision-built today, Artograph strives to make your artistic experience the best it can be.

Our Products for the Creative Mind® have changed over the years, but our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer service is as strong as ever.

Everyone at our employee-owned and operated company takes pride in producing the finest art projectors, light boxes, and spray booths available anywhere.

Everything is designed with you, the artist and crafter, in mind.

As we continue to make the creative process more rewarding and productive for you, we are also working to develop ever-greener, more energy-efficient products locally made in the USA.

Visit us at:
NAMTA 2015
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Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado
April 15-17, 2015


How STRONG is the LightPad LED lightbox by Artograph?

After we drove over this LED LightPad lightbox by Artograph SIX times, tested it to be sure it still worked perfectly and was effectively undamaged, we then took it to the roof of our 2-story building and threw it into the parking lot.

Our engineer on the roof, Stefan, said later he had actually tried to have it land flat by throwing it like a Frisbee. But, as you see in the video, the LightPad hit a pothole on a corner and bounced — a very thorough impact test! Again, the LightPad was undamaged. The solid aluminum frame was not dented nor distorted it any way, and the acrylic lightbox surface was perfectly intact.

After all that we went back to a test we’d done many times before: Standing on a LightPad to show how strong it is. Then lightly jumping on it. Yes, those were takes one and two. Next came Take 3 and our engineer wasn’t messing around anymore. Full power jumping impact on the surface of the LightPad resulted in no damage, no dents. We wiped the gravel from the parking lot off of it, and put the LightPad back into service where we’d been using it. Don’t miss How STRONG is the LightPad LED light box by Artograph: Jumping Test video!

And take a peak at Lou Ferrigno’s How STRONG is the LightPad LED light box by Artograph: Smash Test! on our YouTube Channel!

Obviously, we don’t recommend you try these sort of tests yourself (*Do Not Attempt! You will void your warranty!), but you can be confident your LightPad by Artograph is engineered and built for strength and durability to last a lifetime.