Brilliance Squared!

The new LightPad® PRO1200™ and LightPad® PRO1700 by Artograph bring together all the dream features of the ultimate arts and crafts light box in a sleek and innovative shape.

With variable brightness up to a blazing 11,000 lux, strong enough to shine through 300# paper and fabric, the LightPad® PRO adds a color temperature adjustment to bring projects into their natural color from a warm to cool white. Changing color temp highlights different tonal qualities in your artwork.

Designed for easy use with a T-square, the LightPad® PRO features a tempered glass cutting surface.

The UV-free light is safe for the eyes, and no-fade safe for archival photos and documents.

Capacitive touch controls save settings from use to use. Long-life LEDs never need to be changed.

The comfortably curved edge is ergonomically friendly, while the smooth bottom makes the LightPad® PRO a pleasure to use on your lap or worktable.

The new LightPad® PRO is proudly made in the USA by Artograph, the company you trust for quality tools for artists since 1947.

LightPad® PRO1200™ 12 in x 12 in / 305mm x 305mm
LightPad® PRO1700™ 17.5 in x 17.5 in / 445mm x 445mm

Flare100 Creative Tool of the Year

Which one should I choose?
Follow this link to read a discussion of which of our new projectors is right for you!

The popular digital Art Projector line from Artograph expands to give an option for every artist.The FLARE100™ Art Projector sets the artist free with a battery-operated projector in a size to go anywhere. The Flare100 projects a sharp image from as close as four inches from your surface all the way to mural size. Artists need never be without their art portfolio or client demos with the Flare100 and a flashdrive, or using the wireless screensharing feature with Android devices.

The INSPIRE800™ Art Projector continues upgrading the Artograph projector line stepping up from the popular LED500 with 800 lumens of brightness and enhanced contrast range. The addition of wireless screensharing for Android devices makes the Inspire800 more versatile than ever.

The IMPRESSION1400™ Art Projector is the powerhouse projector with full HD and 1400 lumens of brilliance. Powerful enough for even well-lit projection areas, this is the studio and workshop projector for your largest scale, most detailed work. The Impression1400 adds a new dimension of skew control, with edge adjust acting with both vertical and horizontal keystone control.

Each of these new projectors includes Artograph’s built-in grids for design and composition. The Flare100, Inspire800, and Impression1400 include 22 custom grids with a bonus set of border patterns and geometric shapes. Use the grids and patterns alone, or superimpose them over your image for precision layout.


From the first art projector, assembled in a Minnesota garage in 1947, to the LED LightPads and digital art projectors precision-built today, Artograph strives to make your artistic experience the best it can be.

Our Products for the Creative Mind® have changed over the years, but our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer service is as strong as ever.

Everyone at our employee-owned and operated company takes pride in producing the finest art projectors, light boxes, and spray booths available anywhere.

Everything is designed with you, the artist and crafter, in mind.

As we continue to make the creative process more rewarding and productive for you, we are also working to develop ever-greener, more energy-efficient products locally made in the USA.


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Discover our new line of LED digital Art Projectors, the Flare100, Inspire800, and Impression1400:

How much can you CREATE with the LightPad LED light box by Artograph?

People all over the world are creating amazing and innovative artwork using the LED LightPad by Artograph. We’ve gathered some which have been shared on YouTube in a playlist called: LightPad Art done with the Artograph LightPad