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Delano Flooding

If you’ve been following the news, you may have heard the Crow River in Delano, Minnesota is flooding to the highest level since 1965. The river crested last night (Monday, June 23rd, 2014), but is still high, and more rain is forecast.

Artograph’s home is in Delano, but we’re high and dry here to the east of the river.

Here are some photos and video we took of the flooding in Delano and flooded areas around the town.

Delano Flooding Video

  • Downtown Delano.
  • We're high and dry here at Artograph in Delano. There's a beautiful marsh wetlands out our front door, but it's looking fine.
  • Bridge in Delano, Minnesota closed due to flooding. The water is high against the bottom of the bridge.
  • The Crow River in Delano, Minnesota the morning after the flood crested. The water is still high and running fast.
  • The bridge is closed in Delano, due to the height of the Crow River, but the dirt levee is holding back the water quite well.
  • Rebecca Park Trail, one of the roads into Delano, Minnesota, follows the Crow River. It is flooded several places and is closed.
  • Some of the streets along the Crow River on the way to downtown Delano are closed due to flooding.
  • The dirt levee on the edge of downtown Delano is holding against the flood waters, which have caused the bridge to be closed.
  • The spirit of Delano, Minnesota, which holds one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations in the state, is strong. Spirit of Community, the banner by the closed bridge says.
  • Delano, Minnesota, slightly damp.


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