About Artograph®


Our Mission Statement

Artograph’s mission is to provide a continuous flow of unique and innovative products and services of superior value to the creative markets around the world. Our products will both make the creative process more rewarding and productive for our customers while motivating them to discover and enjoy their creative inner self.


In 2019 Studio Designs Inc. acquired several products from Artograph and will continue to carry ONLY these products as well as the ARTOGRAPH brand and all intellectual property. The items below will continue to be available through Studio Designs. If you have any products listed below, we will do our best to honor your previous 1-year warranty. You will need proof of purchase for all warranty coverage.

  • LightPad® 920 LX™ – 9″ x 12″
  • LightPad® 930 LX™ – 9″ x 12″
  • LightPad® 940 LX™ – 12″ x 17″
  • LightPad® 950 LX™ – 17″ x 24″
  • LightPad® PadPucks®– Set of 4
  • LightTracer®
  • EZ Tracer® Projector
  • Prism™ Projector
  • Super Prism™ Lens
  • Tracer® Projector

All other products from the Artograph catalog will NOT be serviced through Studio Designs.

We will be working to receive and process stock into our facility, as well as re-establishing the supply chain.