Artograph® Tips & Techniques for Light Boxes

Embroidery Applique, Quilting & Needlework: To trace patterns directly onto the paper and lightweight fabrics, simply lay the design or pattern on the light box screen and place your working surface over the top of the design or pattern. Switch the light box on and draw the outline in a soft pencil or tailor’s chalk. Tip: If the pattern or design is hard to see, turn room lights off or use tracing paper.

Scrapbooking, Embossing & Cartooning: For cut-outs, filigree, and pierced work, cut around the design with a craft knife or scalpel, or pick around the outline with a sharp point.

Backlight the stencil onto the card for easy positioning. Then use a dry flat bristle brush and bounce up and down to apply paint. Reapply paint as needed.

Tape the stencil face down on the screen. Place card or paper face down over the stencil. Use a ball stylus to trace the outline with firm but not excessive pressure.

Calligraphy and Lettering
Trace script styles and illuminated lettering.

Embroidery Appliqué and Quilting
Trace a pattern directly onto the fabric for stitching or cut-outs.

Make cut-outs, borders, and mounts to decorate pages and enhance photos and souvenirs in memory albums.

Professionals and amateurs speed up production and accuracy with a light box.

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