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How can I get a clear image without shadows?

  1. Try rear screen projection. If you have a canvas or paper set up on an easel, put the projector aimed at the back of the canvas or paper. Set your image size and focus, then exit out to a blank screen. Press Q.MENU. Then PJT MODE. Choose “Rear” to mirror your image so it’s facing the correct way on the front side of your canvas or paper. The entire image, menus and all, reverse, so remember the TOP selection is normal, forwards view!
  2. Another way is to put the projector on a tripod or stand opposite your work table, so you’re on one side and the projector is on the other with your canvas or paper flat on the table. Set up your image size, focus, and adjust the keystone so everything aligns correctly. Then exit out as far as you can. Press Q.MENU. Then PJT MODE. Choose FRONT CEILING. The image should be right-side-up for you, and allow for nearly shadowless work.

If any of these settings are grayed out, exit out as far as you can, press SETTINGS, OPTION 2, and turn Auto Keystone OFF.

  1. Settings > Option 2 > Auto Keystone OFF
  2. Settings > PJT Mode