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What is the LED equivalent for the 23-watt CFL bulb?

A 1600-lumen LED bulb is the equivalent brightness for the 23-watt CFL bulb.

The EZ Tracer uses an 100 watt-equivalent 1600 lumen LED light bulb (not included)
*LED or CFL bulb only!

The 23-watt CFL light bulbs (with the spiral shape) were the most common type of light bulb to find up until the last year or so. Now they’re becoming difficult to find. If you’re having trouble finding CFL bulbs for the Tracer and EZ Tracer, you may use the LED-equivalent bulb, which should be available at your local hardware or home improvement store.

DO NOT use an incandescent light bulb in the Tracer or EZ Tracer! Incandescent light bulbs get too hot for the projector. 

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