Artograph® Tips & Techniques for Projectors

Art projectors have an almost endless array of uses and applications

Size up

The fast, easy way to enlarge and project photographs, prints, patterns, designs and sketches onto any surface. Transparencies are no longer necessary.

Find the best composition
Arrange the elements of a painting, decide on the best composition and see how an additional feature would look in the picture, before it’s committed to the surface.

Define features
Enhance and define features and tonal range in portrait painting when working from a photograph or sketch.

Brush up your drawing skills
Trace around images to improve hand and eye coordination, understand perspective and draw better.

Paint on a grander scale
Free up your creative skills and gain confidence to work on larger paintings and murals.

Repeat success
Transfer an accurate repeat image for cartooning or decorating walls, furniture, fabrics, pottery, cake icing – in fact, just about any surface to be hand painted.

Save Time
Produce paintings and decorative work faster – for fun and profit.

Basic directions to get you started

  1. Simply place the original in the copy area of the projector.
  2. Enlarge the image by changing the projection distance.
  3. Adjust the lens to sharpen focus, then trace around the outline, drawing in as much detail as you need.

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