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MC 250™


MC 250 Projector from ArtographThe ultimate projector for clarity and brightness, ideal for the professional or commercial artist, crafter or designer who demands the best in image quality. The superior quality lens of the MC 250™ allows you to enlarge artwork up to 15 times with incredible sharpness and detail. It is unsurpassed for enlarging photos, designs, patterns and detailed artwork onto walls, canvas, or any vertical surface. At only 7 pounds, this ultra compact model is easy to position and store, and doesn’t require much space for projection. A 10 times enlargement needs only 10 feet of projection range. Fan cooling also allows for long periods of projection. The top-loading 6 x 6 inch copy area with removable cover easily accommodates oversized artwork or 3D objects allowing for an almost endless list of applications. The MC 250 also features a 300-Watt halogen lamp for a whiter and brighter image (approx. life of 75 hours). Simple operation, too… Just plug it in, and adjust the focus by turning the threaded lens barrel for a precise image. Dark room required.

MC 250 Projector from Artograph

Product Highlights

  • Imported from Germany
  • Enlargement from 3 up to 15x the original size
  • Illumination: 300-Watt Halogen (included) for unsurpassed brightness (approx. life of 75 hours)
  • Top-loading 6 x 6 in (152.4 x 152.4 mm) glass copy area with removable cover to accommodate oversized originals
  • Ultra compact and lightweight for easy positioning
  • Lens: 280 mm precision-ground, threaded, 3-element color-corrected lens for astoundingly sharp and accurate images
  • Threaded lens barrel for precise focusing
  • Net Weight: 7 lbs. (3.17 kg)
  • Cooling fan and safety overload circuit keeps copy cooler

Available Accessories:

Mobile Projector Floor Stand

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Artograph® 300-Watt Halogen Lamp

Replacement 300-watt Halogen lamp with fuse for the MC 250 Professional Projector. Rated for approximately 75 hours of use.

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Artograph® promotes the recycling of light bulbs used in our product. Please visit www.epa.gov for more information.