1520 Standard Model

SprayBooth 1520PDF Info Product ManualsAn efficient booth for small spaces and tight budgets, the 1520 accommodates flat or 3-D objects. The 15 x 20 inch (381 x 508 mm) work surface features a three-stage filter system: a replaceable pre-filter sheet, which captures the bulk of the sprayed materials, thick polyester mid-filter and polyester/carbon filter. Features a built-in exhaust adapter for venting out-of-doors or to another space.

Used By:

  • Crafters
  • Hobbyists
  • Model Builders/Designers
  • Commercial Artists

Product Highlights

  • Features a 15 x 20 in (381 x 508 mm) work surface accommodates flat or 3-D objects up to 13 x 18 in (330.2 x 457.2 mm)
  • Replaceable three-stage filter design
  • Replaceable spray guard hood
  • Combines low cost with high efficiency
  • Airflow: 185 CFM
  • Weight: 17 lbs (8 kg)
  • Width: 20 in (508 mm)
  • Depth: 15 in (381 mm)
  • Height: 18 in (457.2 mm)
  • Electrical: 115 V, 15-Watts
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Features Three-Stage Filter Design:

  • 1st Stage: 100% polyester pre-filter media that traps the bulk of the initial spray and provides a continuous clean work surface. Spray Booth includes 5 pre-cut sheets. Replacement Pre-Filters available in a pre-cut 20 sheet pack or unique cost-saving 50-yard roll.
  • 2nd Stage: Under the pre-filter is a 1 inch thick non-woven polyester air-laid material with a blue PVC binder on the exit side. This material, unlike fiberglass, is non-toxic, will not migrate on the air exit side and offers excellent filtration. Spray Booth includes 1 each of this filter.
  • 3rd Stage: A carbon-impregnated polyester (poly-carb) offering odor and further particle-trapping efficiency. Spray Booth includes 1 each of this filter.

Available Accessories & Replacement Filters:

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Pre-Filter Roll (20 inch x 50 yards)

Filter Pak (4 ea. mid-filter & poly-carb pads)

Pre-Filter (20 sheet pack)

Replacement Spray Guard Hood